About Us

Hi I'm Stephanie! I have been a stay-at-home mom since 2014 when I left my full time job in Payroll(which I loved!) to home school my Autistic son who was then going into the 6th grade, at then at the same time I decided to also home school my daughter who was then going into the 3rd grade. While this was something we talked and planned for quite some time, we still weren't completely financially ready to go down to one income.

I started up a home business Sew Sweet Gifts sewing doll clothes for 18" dolls(my daughter was into the Our Generation/American Girl dolls, but the clothes were are so expensive). I had purchased a Silhouette Cameo to start making designs to press onto the doll shirts, but before I even started making designs I decided to try a little experiment. The company I had starting working for in 1997 (and where I learned how to design and cut vinyl), and where my husband still worked, starting carrying a line of heat transfer vinyl that could be applied at a lower temperature with a home iron. I decided to try making a few designs which I put up on Etsy to see if there would be any interest in purchasing ready made transfers & stickers, which were made to order, and Stickers by Stephanie was born! 

Since October 2014 I have grown Stickers by Stephanie so when my husband lost his job at the end of 2015, it was just in time as I was growing to much to be able to handle everything by myself. Things were going really well until about mid-2017 when I started experiencing some severe health problems. Long story short and many tests later, doctors still have not been able to determine what exactly is wrong. But after my last test in October 2017 my longtime chemical sensitives have gone from just mildly irritating to extreme allergic reactions. Unfortunately all the vinyl material I use, especially the custom printed patterns are all highly toxic to me, which puts me in quite a pickle. I need to provide for my family, but my very job is contributing to the downfall of my health. 

Which now brings me to the next chapter in my adventure starting Wild Bunny Designs. I can still do what I love and provide for my family, but not have to work with any materials that will make me sick! It will take me some time to setup listings for all the designs I have, please don't hesitate to let me know if there is something specific you are looking for, I may already have it or can make up something new! 

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my shop!